Before Blushield Blood Tests Revealing Ghosting

As the test shows, many of the subject’s red blood cells have ghosted, which means they were weakened to the point of exploding. Some cells literally disappeared before our eyes during the live analysis.

After Blushield Blood Tests Showing Healthier Blood Cells

After two months of using Blushield, test results clearly showed much healthier blood cells. These results came despite the subject being ill with a cold at the time.

Before Blushield Blood Tests Revealing Crystallization

The before blood tests also showed crystallization of blood cells taking place. Not only that, but the cells also had an irregular shape and were grouped abnormally.

After Blushield Blood Tests Showing No Crystallization

Blood tests after two months showed no crystallization of the blood cells. The cells were also spread out more evenly and had healthy, regular shapes.

Testers Feedback

“According to the tester, the results showed a considerable drop in levels of oxidation and inflammation that can affect health and well-being. This is especially impressive considering the patient made no other changes to their lifestyle.”


“Extremely reduced levels of inflammation and oxidation are amazing considering you have not changed your diet or lifestyle/occupation and had a cold.”


The number of lymphocytes also dropped to 15 from 25, meaning the subject’s immune system was returning to normal.