Many households nowadays have at least one computer, whether it’s a desktop or a laptop. And these machines are known to emit a lot of EMF radiation, which is problematic for many people. To help limit your exposure to EMF, try to decrease how much you use computers and make sure yours is switched off when not in use.

Avoid Spring Mattresses

Yes – even your mattress can emit EMF radiation and will do so throughout the night as you sleep. Many mattresses emit EMF thanks to the coils which can amplify nearby EMF fields from other devices. To help overcome the issue, we recommended using foam or latex options instead which are just as comfortable. We also recommend leaving space around your bed and leaving as much distance between your bed and EMF-emitting devices as you can.

Cellphone Towers

Cellphone towers emit large quantities of EMF radiation 24/7. As such, it’s advisable to avoid moving close to these towers but, of course, this isn’t always practical, especially when new towers are erected close to your existing home. Regardless, if a nearby cellphone tower is causing symptoms, Blushield products will help keep you and your family safe and well.

Don’t Keep Your Phone Next to Your Bed

Mobile phones are constantly emitting and receiving EMF radiation, which can be particularly problematic considering we tend to keep them close to us throughout the day. While most people can’t do without a mobile phone altogether, you can at least limit your exposure to the EMF it receives. For example, you should avoid leaving yours on your bedside table, and consider turning it off where you can.


Most of us want to unwind in front of the TV when we get the opportunity, but again this leaves us exposed to EMF radiation. As such, you should try to have your TV a reasonable distance from your favorite seat, while you should also ensure your TV is turned off when you’re not using it.

Wi-Fi Routers

Wi-fi routers are an essential piece of equipment for countless people, whether for work or play. However, despite the benefits the internet brings, Wi-Fi routers will also bring more EMF radiation into your home. As such, you should try to locate your routers as far away from you and others as possible.

The chances are that you have multiple devices in your home that can emit or contribute to EMF radiation. Taking precautionary steps will help limit your exposure to this radiation even if they don’t eliminate your exposure altogether.