Phi Series Plugin Φ2
Phi Series Plugin Φ2  Phi Series Plugin Φ2  Phi Series Plugin Φ2 

Phi Series

Phi Series Plugin Φ2

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Phi Series Plugin 02

This low-profile device has sleek looks thanks to its white ABS plastic case with black trim. All you need to do is plug it directly into a mains power socket and it will start working automatically. It’s so easy to use and requires so little maintenance that you could easily forget it’s there.

This professional-looking device won’t look out of place in any office, and it’s also ideal for use in your home. And while you can use this product at home or the office, we also recommend complementary products for protection when you are not in a 5G safe zone.

This model offers protection up to 45 meters in every direction and is best used in areas exposed to medium levels of 5G radiation. However, the Phi Series Hex Cube 03 model might be more suitable in areas with particularly high exposure because it offers more protection and greater range.

This device comes with the US plug type, although other plug types and adaptors are included. It will also run from 100 to 240-volt power sources, thanks to a conversion adaptor built into the device.

Another key benefit of the Phi Series Plugin Φ2 is that it only uses 7W of power. As such, it causes minimum harm to the environment and helps keep your energy bills low. It is also low maintenance and will work 24/7 to help keep you protected.

Overall, this technology offers numerous health benefits that will leave you and others feeling more energetic and ready for whatever the day has in store for you. This is because your body tunes into the ‘friendly’ frequencies of our product rather than potentially harmful 5G. The result is a stronger immune system and better sleep that improves your overall quality of life.

It is advisable to avoid using this device in areas where water is present, and there’s a risk of a small electric shock after unplugging the device if wet.


  • Comes with adapters so you can use this product anywhere in the world
  • Ideal for use at home or in the office
  • Mains powered
  • Just plug in and play, no complex setup is required
  • Leave it on a desktop or easily mount it on a wall
  • Offers up to 90m range protection from EMF
  • Uses a 12v power supply
  • Uses dual scalar output technology

Product Dimensions:

  • Size 90mm x 30mm x 40mm
  • Weight 75g

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